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Mary Jones movies
22 Lessons

4 Stories movies

Coyote and the Two Turtle Girls

Coyote and the Ground Squirrels
The Lost Swimmer
The Dead Man's Gift of Fish

Leland Scott stories

* 14 Coyote and the Fisher Bird
* 15 Coyote and the Two Turtle Girls
* 16 Coyote and the Ground Squirrels
* 17 The Fire Myth
* 18 Coyote and the Mother-in-Law
* 19 Coyote and the Hummingbird
* 20 Coyote and the Jackrabbit
* 21 The Creator and the Back Straightening Crone
* 22 Thunder Man, Mosquito Man, and Gnat Man
* 23 The Story of Mountain Lion and Mink
* 24 The Story of Mole and Fox
* 25 The Story of Coyote and his Daughters
* 26 The Story of Coyote and his Pregnant Mother-in-Law
* 27 The Story of Coyote an dthe Three Old Women
* 28 the Story of Algea Woman and the Oak
* 29 The Story of the Dead Man's Gift of Fish
* 30 The Story of the Water Monster and the Girl
* 31 the Story of the Man Who Was Lost in the Mountain
* 32 The Story of the Doctor and the Old Woman
* 33 The Story of the Coyote and the Immortal One
* 34 The Story Kosita-nno
* 35 The Story of the Lost Swimmer
* 36 The Story of the One-legged Man and the Fisherman
* 37 The Story of the Cloud Man and his Fiancee
* 38 The Story of the Two Sisters and the Haunted Spring
* 39 The Story of how the Coyote and Mole got the Moon to come out
* 40 The Story of the Horse and his Bride
* 41 The Story of the Strange Man and his Bride
* 42 The Story of the Monster of the Pond and the Boy
* 43 The Story of the Stranger and his Bride
* 44 The Story of the Gopher-snake and the Girl
* 45 The Story of the Lynx and Mountain Lion's Amulet
* 46 The Story of the Boy Who was Bitten by a Snake
* 47 The Story of the Old Man from Bean Creek

word lists
Numbers - Mary Jones
Animals - Elmer Smith
Body Parts - Elmer Smith
Birds - Elmer Smith
Bugs, etc - Elmer Smith